The Problem with CDs

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If you are in the process of arranging your wedding and you are thinking of using a cd as an accompaniment to your service, then I would urge you to think again.
Why? Well, as a very experienced pianist, I have made cds for people's weddings before and here are some of the things that may happen.
In Edinburgh Castle, where there was no room for a pianist to set up in the small Chapel, the audience started singing during the introduction so were out of sync for the whole hymn.
On another occasion, the volume of the portable stereo was not loud enough to lead the singing, so the congregation got out of time.
I did a wedding where they were going to use a cd, but the minister convinced them otherwise as he has had bad experiences as well.
Basically, if you want something to be right - do it properly. A live musician can respond to any situations that develop. A live musician will be the right volume for your most important day as a couple.
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